MassBank - repository of mass spectra of small chemical compounds

MassBank is the first public repository of mass spectra of small chemical compounds for life sciences (<3000 Da). The database contains spectra from EI‐MS, fast atom bombardment MS, electrospray ionization (ESI)‐MSn data of thousands of authentic standards, EI‐MS and other‐MS data of thousands of volatile natural and synthetic compounds, and ESI‐MS2 data of synthetic drugs contributed by research groups worldwide. ESI‐MS2 data were analyzed under nonstandardized, independent experimental conditions. MassBank users can access either all of the MassBank data or a subset of the data by specifying one or more experimental conditions. In a spectral search to retrieve mass spectra similar to a query mass spectrum, the similarity score is calculated by a weighted cosine correlation in which weighting exponents on peak intensity and the mass‐to‐charge ratio are optimized to the ESI‐MS2 data. MassBank is useful for the identification of chemical compounds and the publication of experimental data.

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Funding: Development and maintenance funded by de.NBI