Dr. Alexander Sczyrba (BiGi)

12 September 2016

Berlin (GCB)

The Bielefeld-Gießen (BiGi) Service Center of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI) is operating an Openstack cloud which will be utilized for this tutorial. In the first part of the tutorial, we will introduce the Openstack cloud computing environment and its underlying services like Nova (Compute) and Swift (Storage). The second part will discuss Docker as a virtualization strategy for easy deployment of bioinformatics workflows on cloud instances. In the third part, we will introduce participants into the BiBiCloud framework before we present some showcases how to scale-out workflows in larger cloud environments in the closing part of the tutorial.

Agenda (full day, 2x3 hours):
1.) Introduction to Openstack
2.) Introduction to Docker
3.) BiBiCloud Platform
4.) Scaling out Bioinformatics Workflows in the Cloud

Learning goals:
Participants are familiar with fundamentals of cloud computing.

Prerequisities and equipment:
Participants should have good knowledge of UNIX environments and command line usage; please bring your own laptop with Java8 and Python3 installed

Docker, Openstack, BiBiCloud Platform

Cloud computing, Docker,

20 participants, first-in-first-served

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