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Martin Braun, Sven Twardziok (HiDiH) (HD-HuB)

25.06.2020, 14:00 to 16:00

Online lecture

Contents/Learning goals:
The de.NBI cloud provides priority access to their services for projects involved in COVID-19 research. With this, the de.NBI cloud supports hosting of COVID-19 related web services. Web services can improve collaboration of spatially distinct researchers; e.g. by providing a shared workspace for data analysis or as an application user interface to access data and tools. In our online lecture we will cover the whole process from applying a project in the de.NBI cloud to the deployment of a web service in the de.NBI cloud infrastructure. Thereby, we will focus on scalable deployment via docker swarm. As an example we will create and deploy a small R-Shiny application.

The lecture is intended for scientists from undergraduate to postdoc level. It will be a general overview about the involved steps with examples and links to detailed information.

Docker, Traefik, R-Shiny, OpenStack, SSH

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