Articles and Poster contributions of ELIXIR-DE:


  • Genome Research 02/23, "The Planemo toolkit for developing, deploying, and executing scientific data analyses in Galaxy and beyond" among others Bérénice Batut, Helena Rasche, B. Grüning
  • Plos Computational Biology 01/23, "Galaxy Training: A powerful framework for teaching!" among others Beatriz Serrano-Solano, W. Meier, B. Grüning and B. Batut
  • BioHackrXiv 12/22, "Transformer-based tool recommendation system in Galaxy" Anup Kumar, Björn Grüning and Rolf Backofen
  • F1000Research 11/22, "Systems Biology in ELIXIR: modelling in the spotlight" among others by M. Golebiewski, W. Müller and U. Wittig
  • F1000Research 07/22, "Community-driven ELIXIR activities in single-cell omics" among others B. Grüning and N. Ishaque
  • F1000 Research 05/22, "Recommendations for the formatting of Variant Call Format (VCF) files to make plant genotyping data FAIR" S. Beier, A. Fiebig, C. Pommier, I. Liyanage, M. Lange, ..., and U. Scholz 
  • PLOS Comput Biol 04/22, "Ten simple rules for making a software tool workflow-ready" among others B. Grüning
  • Nucleic Acids Research 04/22, "The Galaxy platform for accessible, reproducible and collaborative biomedical analyses: 2022 update" The Galaxy Community
  • F1000 Research 03/22, "Recommendations for connecting molecular sequence and biodiversity research infrastructures through ELIXIR" among others by C. Quast, F. O. Glöckner and A. Nunes-Jorge
  • Data Science 01/22 "Packaging research artefacts with RO-Crate"  among others B. Grüning
  • MCP 03/21, "Data management of sensitive human proteomics data: current practices, recommendations and perspectives for the future" N. Bandeira, E.W. Deutsch, O. Kohlbacher, L. Martens, J.A. Vizcaíno
  • BioHackrXiv 10/21 "ELIXIR Software Management Plan for Life Sciences" among others R. Alves
  • F1000 Research 02/21, "ELIXIR Plant sciences 2020-2023 Roadmap" C. Pommier, K. Gruden, A. Junker, F. Coppens, R. Finkers, K. Hassani-Pak, D. Faria, J.M. Hancock, S. Beier, B. Costa, C. Miguel, I. Chaves, R. Davey, B. Contreras-Moreira
  • F1000 Research 12/20, "isa4j: a scalable Java library for creating ISA-Tab metadata" D. Psaroudakis, F. Liu, P. König, U. Scholz, A. Junker, M. Lange, D. Ahrend
  • F1000 Research 10/20, "The ELIXIR Human Copy Number Variations Community: building bioinformatics infrastructure for research" among others by J. Korbel
  • PloSComputBiol 07/20, "A framework to assess the quality and impact of bioinformatics training across ELIXIR", among others by D. Wibberg.
  • PLoSComputBiol 05/20, "Ten simple rules for making training materials FAIR", among others by B. Batut.
  • F1000 Research 11/19, "The de.NBI / ELIXIR-DE training platform - Bioinformatics training in Germany and across Europe within ELIXIR" by D. Wibberg, B. Batut, P. Belmann, J. Blom, F. O. Glöckner, B. Grüning, N. Hoffmann, N. Kleinbölting, R. Rahn, M. Rey, U. Scholz, M. Sharan, A. Tauch, U. Trojahn, B. Usadel, O. Kohlbacher
  • F1000 Research 10/19, "An intrinsically disordered proteins community for ELIXIR", among others by M. Sharan & M. Turewicz
  • F1000 Research 06/19, "de.NBI Cloud federation through ELIXIR AAI" by P. Belmann, B. Fischer, J. Krüger, H. Rasche, M. Prinz, M. Hanussek, M. Lang, F. Bartusch, B. Gläßle, J. Krüger, A. Pühler and A. Sczyrba
  • F1000 Research 03/19, "Recommendations for the packaging and containerizing of bioinformatics software", among others by B. Grüning & T. Sachsenberg 
  • F1000 Research 08/18, "Common ELIXIR Service for Researcher Authentication and Authorisation", among others by P. Belmann & A. Sczyrba
  • F1000 Research 04/18, "Authoring Bioconductor workflows with BiocWorkflowTool" by M. L. Smith, A. K. Oleś and W. Huber
  • F1000 Research 02/18, "Using to generate and annotate workbench tool descriptions", among others by H. Rasche 
  • F1000 Research 09/17, "The future of metabolomics in ELIXIR", among others by O. Kohlbacher, S. Neumann, C. Steinbeck
  • F1000 Research 06/17, "A community proposal to integrate proteomics activities in ELIXIR", among others by A. Pühler, M. Eisenacher & O. Kohlbacher
  • F1000 Research 06/17, "Four simple recommendations to encourage best practices in research software", among others by B. Batut & B. Grüning
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    • Talks ELIXIR All Hands Meeting 2020, including Daniel Arend "For FAIRification of plant genetic resources at IPK Gatersleben" and Sebastian Beier "How to FAIRify and link plant genotyping data using ELIXIR Platforms"