Central Coordination Unit (CCU)

The Central Coordination Unit (CCU) is the decision-making body of de.NBI and responsible for the effective operation of the scientific, technical and administrative structures. The board of the CCU consists of nine de.NBI partners, including the de.NBI coordinator and the coordinators of the eight de.NBI units. The CCU is on duty to control that the consortium’s activities comply with the mission statement to provide first-class bioinformatics services and training to users in basic and applied life sciences research.

pi alfred puehler  Alfred Pühler
de.NBI Coordinator
CCU Chairperson
Bielefeld, Germany
pi rolf backofen Rolf Backofen
Coordinator of RBC
Freiburg, Germany
pi peer bork Peer Bork
Coordinator of HD-HuB
Heidelberg, Germany
pi martin eisenacher Martin Eisenacher
Coordinator of BioInfra.Prot
Bochum, Germany
pi frank oliver gloeckner Frank Oliver Glöckner
Coordinator of BioData
Bremen, Germany
pi alexander goesmann Alexander Goesmann
Coordinator of BiGi
Gießen, Germany
pi oliver kohlbacher Oliver Kohlbacher
Coordinator of CIBI
Tübingen, Germany
pi wolfgang mueller Wolfgang Müller
Coordinator of de.NBI-SysBio
Heidelberg, Germany
 pi uwe scholz Uwe Scholz
Coordinator of GCBN
Gatersleben, Germany