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co molekuele

The working group for cheminformatics and computational metabolomics at the Friedrich-Schiller-University is dedicated to research into the structure elucidation of natural products, compound identification in the context of metabolomics and algorithm development in cheminformatics.


Over the past 10 years, we established the first open-access repository for Metabolomics with a global scope - the MetaboLights database at the European Bioinformatics Institute. We led the FP7-funded Coordination Action for the development of standards in metabolomics (COSMOS) and co-founded the world-wide network for metabolomics data exchange MetabolomeXchange. We co-develop, with the group of Claire O'Donovan, head of metabolomics services at the EBI, the MetaboLights database from Jena as a de.NBI and ELIXIR activity and strengthen the de.NBI expertise in Metabolomics in collaboration with the groups in Halle and Bielefeld interested in Metabolomics. We are further leading the computational e-infrastructure project PhenoMeNal to establish cloud-based computational workflows to analyse data in Metabolomics. Our service provision within de.NBI is based on those projects and comprises assistance and advice on the deposition and cloud-based analysis of metabolomics data.


We are running state-of-the art tools and workflows in metabolomics and for computer-assisted structure elucidation in natural products analysis. We continue the development of the MetaboLights database under the ELIXIR umbrella in collaboration with the EBI.

Project Management

Institute for Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
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