Research group of Julio Saez-Rodriguez @ Heidelberg University


The research group of Julio Saez-Rodriguez at the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University (Institute for Computational Biomedicine) aims to acquire a functional understanding of the deregulation of signaling networks in disease and to apply this knowledge to develop novel therapeutics. Towards this end, the group develop computational approaches that integrate biological knowledge with diverse types of Omics data, with a recent focus on single-cell technologies.


The services offered to the network include a series of tools to perform pathway- and network-based analysis of omics data. These include Omnipath, a meta resource of literature-curated knowledge, PROGENy and DOROTHEA for the estimation of pathway and transcription activity, respectively, and CARNIVAL to find causal paths in large signaling networks. Our methods are implemented in various software, mostly available as R-packages (and in Bioconductor). Due to the geographical proximity as well as the complementary research focus of the Saez-Rodriguez group to members of HD-HuB, contributions of this associated partner, also to training, will be aligned with activities of the HD-HuB service center.


The group will further develop tools to integrate prior’s knowledge with Omics data. A particular emphasis will be on spatially-resolved multiplexed data.

Project Management

Institute for Computational Biomedicine
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