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Established in 2020, the Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence is a Germany-wide unique institution supported by 13 different universities bundling their expertise. In its five-year development phase, the state of Hesse is funding the center with a total amount of 38 million euros; 20 additional professorships are going to be established. The main center will be located at the TU Darmstadt, while a secondary site will be hosted by the Goethe University in Frankfurt. The center is complemented by additional regional locations at the participating institutions, among them the JLU Giessen. The AI center will offer study courses in all disciplines and also set up a graduate school in order to attract excellent scientists to Hesse. Artificial intelligence provides enormous scientific as well as economic potential, for example in agriculture or in the medical sector, facilitating the fast analysis of vast amounts of highly complex data.

At the JLU Giessen, Prof. Alexander Goesmann has already been involved in the founding phase of the new center, and an additional professorship dedicated to the subject area “Predictive Deep Learning in Medicine and Healthcare” is going to be established at the department of medicine, as well. Prof. Goesmann’s group routinely employs machine-learning techniques for the successful analysis of large biological data sets. They have established and continuously maintain an extensive cloud-based compute infrastructure comprising over 7,500 CPU cores and 16 PB storage capacity, also featuring dedicated GPU accelerators for high-throughput machine-learning purposes. The compute cloud is offered to German bioinformatics scientists free of charge, and is routinely employed for fast and efficient processing of biological data. In bioinformatics, many tools rely on established artificial intelligence approaches such as machine-learning, e.g. for the identification and classification of novel genes, and it is already foreseeable that the field will significantly benefit from the newly founded Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence.

For further information, please visit the Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence website. To access the de.NBI Cloud visit de.NBI Cloud.

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Source: https://hessian.ai/

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