Stadler Group, Leipzig University, Service Center: RNA Bioinformatics Center - RBC

RNAz is a well established software to identify conserved RNA structures in genome-wide multiple sequence alignments. It has been widely used for more than a decade. RNAz makes use of the ViennaRNA package to compute secondary structures and their energies. Progress in the understanding of RNA folding, sequencing technologies, and alignment algorithms makes it necessary to restructure the RNAz software. In order to adapt RNAz to the expanded variations of energy models and to achieve longterm maintainability of this software we will devise automatized pipelines for the re-training of regression and decision models that are an essential part of RNAz and provide a repository of such models and corresponding datasets for the community.

For more information see RNA Bioinformatics Center (RBC)

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research 031A538B 

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